10 Sex Bloggers Name Their Favorite Sex Toys

10 Sex Bloggers Name Their Favorite Sex Toys site:https://www.mytoyfirst.com/sex-toys
Year after year, hundreds of new and innovative sex toys hit the market, which makes it increasingly difficult to figure out where to spend your money to make money. That’s where the experts come in. There are fearless bloggers out there who have dedicated their lives to testing and writing about as many sex toys as possible. It’s a breeze, but someone has to do it!

That’s why we decided to ask some of our favorite and most trusted sex bloggers what their #1 ranked sex toy is all the time. What’s their biggest takeaway? Which toy shines brighter for them than all the others. Here’s what they had to say…

Miss Ruby’s Miss Ruby Review
My favorite toy is definitely the We-Vibe Tango. for something so tiny, it offers impressive power, more than I’ve ever experienced in any other bullet vibration. It’s precise, rumbling, waterproof, rechargeable, body-safe, and even suitable for bullet-compatible dildos. Not going to love the variety? If you want to buy it, I would love the blue one – it’s so perfect.
You can buy the We-Vibe Tango here

A little info on Miss Ruby: http: //missrubyreviews.com Feminist sex toy reviewer and hieroglyph expert. Also a lover of chocolate and cats.

Girls on the Internet
My favorite in the whole world is the Doxy Massager. It is truly the best toy I have ever owned and if someone were to take it away, I would HOWL like a kid being dragged out of a candy store. «It’s not a gentle toy. This is not a «discreet» toy. If you use a vibrator with a jet engine, this is what happens: your jerk uses industrial hardware.»
You can buy the Doxy Ultra Power Vibrator here

A little information about online girls: London based porn bloggers, writers and drunk people. Usually male masterbator now in store form: https://www.mytoyfirst.com/male-masterbator

Toys of Dizzygirl meets Girls Reviews
The Jopen Desire L2 is a vibe I’ve reached for time and time again. Damn near perfect. The price isn’t outrageous and it has everything I was looking for – strong, powerful vibrations, body-safe silicone, waterproof, rechargeable, and even comes with a travel lock. It’s small, quiet, discreet and makes me happy.
You can buy the Jopen Lust L2 here

You can read Dizzygirl’s full review of the Jopen Lust L2 here

Some information about Dizzygirl’s «Toy Meets Girl»: Middle-aged married women in Central America are in pain, providing you with an honest sex toy review without the bullshit.

Good Kitty Lacey
My favorite is the We-Vibe Touch. touch is my favorite clitoral vibe. I love the silicone coating; that’s what I like about it more than the We-Vibe Tango. When I apply pressure, the rumbling vibrations don’t diminish too much and don’t hurt my clitoris like other vibrators do.
You can purchase the We-Vibe Touch here

Some things to know about Deviant Kitten’s Lexi: Cooler, Volunteer Cat Servant, Mouse Mom, Mermaid Lady and Sex Toy Critic. (anal toys website:mytoyfirst.com/anal-toys-mytoyfirst)

Emmeline Peaches
LELO Smart Wand. The definition of each term, the wand is powerfully powerful. As a reviewer, I have never known a toy so deeply and grandly, and it has never caused me to have an orgasm. Sure, it can sometimes play by its own rules, but there are many benefits to conquering it.
You can buy the LELO Smart Wand here

Some things to know about Emmeline Peaches: adult product reviewer. Passionate about providing honest reviews for a variety of products.

Hey Epiphora by Epiphora
Despite being sold as a G-spot toy, the LELO Mona 2 is one of the best things that has ever come in contact with my clitoris. It’s a seemingly simple-looking vibrator, but succeeds precisely because it does everything right: it’s rechargeable, sturdy and rumbly, waterproof, and its interior and exterior are in great shape. I love the way the slightly pointed tip fits snugly against my clitoris and how the vibrations gradually increase in intensity. I love me so much that I have two spare Monas
Read Epiphora’s full review of the LELO Mona 2 here

You can buy the LELO Mona 2 G-spot vibrator here

Some things to know about Hey Epiphora’s Epiphora: the writer of stereotypical, ruthlessly honest sex toy reviews for over 7 years. My vagina is sharp.

Kara Sutra
The Doxy Wand is the most powerful wand vibrator I’ve ever tried – and I’ve tried many, including the LELO Smart Wands, Adam & Eve Wand and Hitachi. easy to use, plug and play. the Doxy Wand delivers incredible power in a variety of settings. It gets the job done! Unlike other sex toys that often try to be overly complicated, confusing or just promise something more than they actually deliver, the Doxy Wand can deliver intense orgasms in seconds (or, if I prefer, induce orgasms through self-pleasure or sex) with a partner setting together, at a lower speed or by pressing a pulse).
You can buy the Powerful Ultra Massager here

Some things to know about Cara Sutra: blogger, writer, Dildo Diddler. not safe for anything, especially polite company. Won a few awards. Made a bondage kit. Will defend my Newknot until a small death.

My favorite toy is the hands down We-Vibe Tango. i used to be a skeptic. I used to think $80 was a ridiculous price for a bullet vibe, even after hearing rave reviews from reviewers about the reviewer. Since trying it, the Tango has been my «fire-fighting» desert island toy. It’s a commendably powerful, rumbling, precision vibrator, which is what my clitoris needs.
You can purchase the We-Vibe Tango here

Some knowledge about the Artemisia FemmeCock: a quirky, weird femme-dyke idea about sex and sex toys. Writer. Photographer. Flash lover.

Kyra King of Sex
My absolute favorite toy is the Magic Wand (aka Hitachi). It allows me to have massive, pleasurable orgasms and (when forced) to feel pain. I have the best in the world – big, wet orgasms, delightful pain (I’m a masochist), and exhaustion from being spent J
You can buy the Magic Wand Pluggable Rechargeable Massager here or the original Magic Wand here

Some things to know about Kayla Lords: freelance writer, sex blogger, independently published pornographer, sex life, life and love for the BDSM lifestyle.

Naughty Renee
Siri 2 is not the most powerful way to vibrate, but it is the most powerful when it comes to controlling other vibrators. It is the easiest to hold, the easiest to use and the easiest to carry. It also has the perfect mix of vibrations between tapping rumble and buzzing sound. Best of all, the vibration range is so wide that you can use it from the time it heats up until you have an orgasm. No other vibrator can bring all of these perfect blends into one compact body.

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